Dear visitors,
Come to sample « Château de Mongenan & Lagueloup »!

I have the pleasure to invite you in the visit of the « Château de Mongenan & Lagueloup », two nearby properties situated in the village of Portets, in 25km of Bordeaux by motorway, right in the heart of the vineyard of the « Grave ».

These two properties are opened to the visit and to the tasting for the groups every day of the year, at anytime, even late, of their choice.

The « Château de Mongenan » belongs to my family since the beginning of XVIIII ° century. We always live in the decoration which was that of our forefathers and where meet themselves family portraits, chest of drawers having belonged to the Regent, collections of « objets d'art » and chinas, numerous souvenirs of Kings which made France. You can have an approach of it by returning you on our site

One of the ancestors of my mother, Antoine de Valdec de Lessart, Director of the East India Company, was the last Minister of the Foreign affairs of Louis XVI and bequeathed us inestimable testimonies of his period: suits of court, details of archives, autographs, earthenwares, chinas and objects and masonic jewels because he shared ardently this philosophy in the point to possess his own Temple, today classified « Monument Historique » and visitable as all the rest of the castle as well as its parks and gardens.

Fascinated by botany, follower of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Valdec de Lessart had also realized of fabulous herbariums from his famous gardens which count among the most famous of Aquitaine. Naturally, he also made some wine with the same passion, a wine which we continue to produce, in the purest respect for the traditions. The « Château Lagueloup » is still oldest, partly, that the Castle of Mongenan, because it goes back to the time of the Roman colonization. A magnificent baptistry dating III ° century, remind that the wine was born from " places where there is a water ", etymology of Lagueloup.
In XIX ° century was built in its surrounding wall an impressive wine storehouse, testifying of the agricultural utopia of the Second Empire.

This wine storehouse always works because we convert into wine all our properties, « Château de Mongenan », « Château Lagueloup », « Château de Vergnes », and « Château Majereau La Lagune ».
These wine makings are traditional with an ageing in barrels made in the exceptional wine storehouse with barrels which can contain simultaneously more than 600 trunks.
More surprising still, this wine storehouse, built on three levels of 1750 m2 each, kept its equipment of origin.

One of the floors was dedicated to « muséographiques » activities and of reception.
Our museum, the virtual visit of which you can make on our site the totality of tools known and listed for the wine and the vine since the Encyclopedia of Diderot and Alembert.

We are one of the few castles of the Gironde to be able to propose a room in perfect march order, for the tastings, the cocktail parties, the dinners, the colloquiums, the concerts and the spectacles of 650 m2, accessible besides by inclined plane for the aged or handicaped persons.

Other smaller spaces can be also proposed for meetings, more restricted receptions, projection of films, etc.

We are very happy to be able to offer you so both facets of Bordeaux, its History and its wine which seem to us to be inseparable of the best of our civilization.

We have in heart to make share, to explain and to pass on what seems to us to recover from the purest of our culture and our traditions.

Our wish is to reveal and to offer to your visitors this art of French-style, fact of refinement, to know how to make, of patience, enthusiasm.

It is the reason for which the « Château de Mongenan » is the only Ancient memorial private of France to organize every week a programming of conferences and short-lived exhibitions allowing the public to enter the intimacy of the proposed collections and collections in reserve. You will find the list of these festivities on our site

We are happy to invite you to discover him, by forming the wish that these virtual visits will give you envy to come to see us and that we can so receive you soon in these two sites which summarize the particular charm of vineyards of Bordeaux.

Sincerely yours,
Florence Mothe